How much does it cost?

Costs vary, largely dependant on what specification you choose, depth required and geology, however shallow boreholes start from around £5000.

How do I know if I have a good supply, do you use water divining/dowsing methods?

No, we don’t use water dowsing or divining, we use what we believe to be more accurate methods – I.E. the survey from the BGS.

Do you guarantee to find a good water source? If not do I still get charged?

No we cannot guarantee to find a water source adequate to provide the required yields – or even find one at all, no reputable drilling company will.

However the chances are greatly increased through the use of a BGS survey, these are very informed and reliable resources that are rarely wrong. If water isn’t found we will only charge for the bare minimum drilling costs – in this unusual eventuality we will endeavour to come to an agreement with you.

Do I need a licence or have to pay for the water I abstract?

No, anyone can abstract up to 20m3 (4400 gallons) per day with no licence or cost. To abstract more than this or in some commercial cases, you will need an abstraction licence granted from the Environment Agency, more information can be found on the environment agency website. However, we will liase with all the relevant authorities on your behalf – I.E. notifying the BGS of the intention to sink a well and provide them with logs of the borehole.

How long does it take?

Generally around 5-8 weeks from point of first interest (aslong as we agree specs etc fairly quickly), the survey (recommended!) takes 3-4 weeks then a week or 2 to finalize everything and a couple of weeks for actual drilling/installation.

Does it make a mess?

It can do, we use large equipment and there is a lot of human movement during the drilling, however we take every precaution possible, with the use of our vacuum systems to take care of drilling fluids and track mats/boards to ensure no avoidable damage is caused to the area